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Food! So much to question about this fascinating topic. Let's discover the fascinating world of what feeds us inside and out. This year we will delight ourselves of another real treat as we welcome 4 exceptional guest speakers: Dr. Geneviève Sicotte from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Dr. Christophe Lavelle from the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) in Paris, Dr. Parmjit Singh and Dr. Tina Moffat from McMaster University. Literature, biophysics and molecular gastronomy, mindfulness and anthropology will meet to explore the question of what feeds us!

PLEASE NOTE: The format of the 'Night' has changed this year: the speakers will each offer a short presentation (~20 min) and we will engage in a panel discussion, animated by Hélène Caron from French Toast Radio Campus and Florence Roullet from McMaster University. Date: Monday Feb. 10, 2020 - 6 -9 pm, McMaster Innovation Park ,175 Longwood road South, Hamilton, L8P 0A1. 



On parle français!

Some speakers are francophone!

Don't hesitate to ask for a discussion in French when you see the flag!

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Christophe Lavelle, PhD - Biophysics and Molecular Gastronomy.

Dr. Christophe Lavelle is a research scientist at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) in Paris, where he works in two labs: one at the National Museum of Natural History, dedicated to the biophysical properties of living matter; the other one at the Communication Science Institute, dedicated to food studies. He teaches biophysics, epigenetics and food art and science in many universities and professional schools and is frequently asked for conferences for general public or professional audiences.

Geneviève Sicotte, PhD - Literature. The Imaginary of Food.

Dr. Geneviève Sicotte, who was first a specialist in 19th century French literature, has published Le festin lu. Le repas chez Flaubert, Zola et Huysmans (1999 and 2008). In her current research, she studies the imaginary of food in Quebec literature and culture. In addition to several articles, she has published the collection Gastronomie québécoise et patrimoine (2013) and the dossier "Raconter l'aliment" in the journal Captures (2016). She is also developing a body of creative audiovisual and digital work. Her digital literary project Vital Signs will be online in 2020

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Tina Moffat, PhD - Anthropology. 

Changing Homes, Changing Food.

Dr. Tina Moffat is a professor and chair in the department of anthropology at McMaster University. Her area of interest is nutrition and food insecurity as it relates to the social, cultural, and physical environment.  Her research perspectives are grounded in biocultural and political-economic approaches.  Dr. Moffat's main geographic areas of focus are Canada and South Asia. Her research is  community-based and has included a project about food security and dietary change among immigrants and refugees in Canada. 

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Parmjit Singh, PhD - Psychology. Mindful Consumption!

The stuff in the kitchen is not the only thing that feeds us. There are other kinds of subtle and intangible foods that come in the form of thoughts, feelings, fears, cultural and media values and educational processes we consume each day. All these contribute to our physical, mental and emotional being and becoming. It is easier to see, ration and moderate what we put on a plate. It is more challenging to do so with the invisible consumption. How can we become mindful about that? Let’s have a conversation! Dr. Parmjit Singh is a professor with the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University.